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Acne Treatment Program

Acne treatments can involve both cosmetic and medical interventions. There are a variety of medications that can be used and Dr. Giroux tailors every prescription to suit the needs of each individual patient. It is important to comply with the treatment regimen as closely as possible as this will definitely affect the outcome.

Cosmetic acne treatments, not covered by OHIP, are offered as an alternative option for our patients that cannot or prefer to not take medication. These options still require a referral from a physician.

Acne Treatment Options


Clindoxyl -A topical antibiotic for night time use.

Clindasol -A soothing daytime cream that contains SPF 15, moisturizer and antibiotic

Aczone -A topical dapsone gel which is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Differin (Retin A) / Tactuo -A topical vitamin A cream, this treatment can be drying and cause peeling of the skin. This is a desired outcome. By accelerating the skin cell turnover, it effectively prevents blockages responsible for black heads and closed comedones. It is recommended to start slowly- about 1 or 2 times a week to start and eventually increase to once a night or as often as tolerated.

We also offer Tactuo which is a combination of Retin A and Benoxyl Peroxide cream for ease of use and efficacy.

Benoxyl Peroxide Wash -An effective antiseptic wash or cream that can remove color and “bleach” materials. Old face cloths, towels, and bed linens are recommended during use.


Antibiotics like doxycyclinetetracycline, or Apprilon are used primarily to reduce inflammation. These oral pills are used for months rather than weeks. If a patient should develop a serious non acne related infection requiring antibiotics, bacteria resistance is not normally an issue with these particular types of antibiotics.

Birth Control

One of birth control’s side effects is the suppression of oil production, and can be considered an acne treatment for that reason. If a patient has been prescribed Accutane to treat their acne, birth control is often also prescribed as well.


An anti-male hormone, Spironolactone suppresses oil production. It is primarily a water pill. It also suppresses facial hair growth in women.

There are no serious side effects, however due to the fact that it suppresses male hormones, if a woman were to get pregnant while on it, the drug could feminize a male fetus. Two forms of birth control are recommended for women at risk for pregnancy. There is no need for monitoring or blood work with this medication.


Accutane it the only medication that can potentially put acne sufferers into full and long term remission. It is primarily used for patients who have tried and failed most other options and /or are scarring from their acne.

Accutane must be used for about 4-6 months. Accutane stops the production of oil, it does not just slow it down, so it can be exceptionally drying. Creams, lip balms, eye drops etc are often used for moisturizing. Blood work is required before and during treatment to ensure there is no build up in the liver. Accutane is an exceptionally strong Vitamin A acid that can cause severe birth defects while it is being taken and for two months after Accutane has been discontinued. For this reason, women at risk for pregnancy should use two forms of birth control and have monthly pregnancy tests.
Other known but rare side effects include: depression, stomach issues, bowel issues, night vision reduction, persistent headaches. Any adverse symptoms should be taken seriously and Accutane should be discontinued and contact made with the prescribing Doctor.

Please click below for complete list of possible side effects from Accutane use.

Possible Side Effects from Accutane

Cosmetic Treatment Options

Isolaz Laser Treatment


Some patients have closed and open comedones commonly associated with acne. Some comedones are white bumps (tiny cyst like growths of oil) underneath the skin. Some of the white bumps can be easily seen, others are only felt or visible when the skin is stretched. This is caused by the skin overgrowing the follicle opening that would normally allow oils (sebum)to release normally. Other comedones are black in appearance-often called a “blackhead”. Both types of comedones can benefit from a small procedure called extractions. During the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to the targeted area and left for up to 1/2 an hour. The cream is then wiped off and the nurse/technician will begin by using a small needle to just touch the tops of each comedone. This needle has a very low voltage electrical charge that melts the top of each lesion to allow removal of the trapped oils or hardened cysts. The technician will then use a small extractor with a loop shaped tip to gently press around the comedone and force the sebum/cyst to the surface of the skin where it is wiped off. Immediate improvement is noted by all patients, but healing time is individual-about 5-10 days is average.


Metvix™ photodynamic therapy is an effective therapeutic approach for the treatment of primary superficial skin cancers. However, it is also an effective tool when treating acne. Metvix™ cream adheres to abnormal cells only. It is applied to clean skin in the medical office, incubated (left on) for one hour, and activated with a lamp or sunshine exposure. After activation, the area is covered and you MUST avoid exposure to sun or ultraviolet light for 48 hours.

Responses to treatment vary, but may include: burning, swelling, redness, peeling and lightening and darkening of skin tone. Peeling may last many days and redness may persist in areas of exuberant response to the treatment. Follow up with Dr. Giroux is recommended within 2-3 months.


As seen in countless magazines, television, and in the homes of many celebrities, Clarisonic is the newest advancement in at-home skin cleansing. The small hand held device has a circular brush head that vibrates with sonic movement, that when gently rotated on facial skin, removes up to 6 times more makeup than manual cleansing. This allows moisturizers and serums to absorb better, leaving a clean, invigorated and dewy looking complexion.

Start up Face

Start up face is a 7% glycolic wash from our Prescribed Solutions line, that assists with skin cell turnover without damaging towels and linens. Start using slowly, ie. once a week, and increase as tolerated.


Colorescience is a pure mineral makeup with SPF ranging from 20-50. Ease of use and skin match is remarkable. Strongly recommended for acne sufferers as the make up will not allow bacteria growth and some has salicylic acid to assist in acne treatments. Please see visit our Product link for more information.


Remove tattoos
Reduce underarm sweat
Fat Reduction
Tighten and Restore Skin's Elasticity
Remove Unwanted Hair
Get Thicker, Fuller Lashes