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Allergic Dermatitis (Allergic Eczema)

When we are suspecting Allergic eczema we need to avoid all things that can cause it until patch testing can be done.

Bland skin care:

  • Follow for 6 weeks then can re-introduce one item per week on forearm (repeat open use test) or you can be patch tested to rule out allergic contact eczema.
  • Wash with lukewarm water, 5-10 minutes max.
  • Moisturize immediately after (while still damp) Petrolatum, Olive oil, Glaxal base, Cetraban cream and Impruv cream.
  • Cliniderm (not Clinique) shampoo, the cleanser and hand cream are also safe.
  • DHS conditioner (available at the front desk)
  • Dove unscented bar soap (not liquid), petrophyllic soap.
  • Wear 100% cotton or silk liners under clothes (if new wash 3 times)
  • Avoid wool, synthetics or lined clothing.
  • Avoid fabric softners (use vinegar instead)
  • Use Tide, President’s choice, or Sunlight dye and scent free detergent.
  • Vinyl gloves and cotton liners if the hands are involved.
  • No nail polish or make-up.


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