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Shaving Instructions for Pseudofollicultis Barbae

We offer a comprehensive treatment program of Pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps), a common condition of a closely shaved area which occurs in people with thick curly hair. Laser technology combined with medical prescription and customized skin home care usually leads to effective results.

  • The objective is a neat shave, not a close shave.
  • If you have a beard longer than 1/16”, remove with electric clippers.
  • Wash (with wash cloth) and lather (with shaving cream or gel) using a circular motion to release hairs lying close to the skin surface.
  • Use a single edge blade, not a “Trac II”.
  • Razor blade must be sharp. (Change blades frequently depending on the “toughness” of the beard.)
  • Shave gently! Do not press razor against the face. Pressure is not a substitute for a sharp blade.
  • Do not stretch facial skin with free hand while shaving.
  • Shave daily at approximately the same time.
  • Shave every hair every shave. In the hard-to-reach areas of the face, use shaving strokes of different directions to effectively shave hairs.
  • Release embedded hairs gently with a toothpick or needle after each shave with minimal injury to the surrounding skin.
  • The P.F.B. Bump Fighter razor may be purchased for especially difficult cases.
  • Some people find electric razors more helpful but most of those with pseudofolliculitis prefer a single edge sharp blade.


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