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Remove tattoos
Reduce underarm sweat
Fat Reduction
Tighten and Restore Skin's Elasticity
Remove Unwanted Hair
Get Thicker, Fuller Lashes



Revolutionized filler training

Bringing you the very best from Dr. Mauricio de Maio Revolutionized filler training !!!  We know the “MD Codes!”


Dermatology is an important specialty which aims not only to achieve the optimal appearance of your skin, but also to prevent and treat minor and severe skin disorders including skin cancer.

At the Sudbury Skin Clinique we have the privilege of offering the only dermatologist supervised cosmetic clinic in Northern Ontario. Our staff is trained and credentialed extensively on all services. The Sudbury Skin Clinique carries some of the newest and most respected lasers currently available in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology.

We are able to combine the medical grade effectiveness of a traditional doctor's office with a relaxing and positive environment.

Our nurses and technologists are continuously seeking out the latest cosmetic and medical protocols currently available. This enables us to address every individual patients needs. Dr. Lyne Giroux or a member of her team, meets personally with each patient and develops personalized dermatological and cosmetic programs to address all your skin concerns.

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