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* 2 enVy COPPER Infused Masks (S/M and M/L)


Our Canadian-Made 🍁 enVy COPPER products utilize next generation COPPER technology by NatuVerex which has powerful anti-microbial properties as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% after 25 home washings.

Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

✓ 50% kill on contact ✓ 85% kill within 1 hour ✓ 99.9% kill in 24 hours

We offer 100% Copper Coverage on all the natural fabric layers and surfaces of our anti-microbial mask (non-medical cloth mask). 🚫 We do not use nylon or neoprene. This cutting-edge technique adheres the COPPER ions with excellent stability and durability, complete coverage leaving no gaps or areas untreated with Copper. This also allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ killing job! More studies and publications here

Reusable enVy™ COPPER Face Mask with Super Soft Triple layered Breathable Fabric + Next Generation Copper Ion Technology + Insanely Comfortable SoftEAR™ Loops.

One for you and one for someone you love!

Wear it with style.
Wear it with style.
Or create your own style.
Or create your own style.

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About COPPER Technology in enVy Face Masks

  • The Copper infused fabric on our masks have been proven to eradicate 99% MRSA, Staphococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae. *Pending COVID-19 Tests.

  • According to a 2015 Study* some common germs proven to be killed by Copper alloy include E. Coli, Influenza A, Norovirus and C. Difficile.

  • Coronavirus is inactivated within hours of coming into contact with Copper alloy surfaces.

  • Our Copper Technology is permanently infused into our face masks. We have been tested for over 25 washes with no lose of efficacy

  • Human skin is not sensitive to COPPER and, in fact, is shown to improve skin texture, skin tone and skin wellness..

The Copper infused TENCEL fabric is double layered on our enVy face masks and have been proven to eradicate 99% of MRSA, Staphococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae within 24hrs, allowing your mask to self sanitize when not in use for this length of time.

In this 2010 study published in the Public Library of Science, it was concluded that...

“Impregnating Copper oxide into respiratory protective face masks endows them with potent anti-influenza biocidal properties … The use of biocidal masks may significantly reduce the risk of hand or environmental contamination, and thereby subsequent infection, due to improper handling and disposal of the masks.”