We are located at 336 Pine Street Suite 400, Sudbury, ON P3C 1X8. We are located behind the water tower.


The Sudbury Skin Clinique opened in April of 2006. Dr. Giroux has been in practice in Sudbury since January 2005.


A referral is needed to see Dr. Giroux for non cosmetic services meaning anything OHIP related. If you are looking to have any laser or cosmetic procedure we offer, you will need to have a cosmetic consult with one of our talented nurse technicians at Sudbury Skin Clinique.


No, there is no consultation fee to see Dr. Giroux, as she sees OHIP patients. There is no consultation fee to see the Nurse Technicians at the Sudbury Skin Clinique, either.


Dr. Giroux is currently Sudbury’s only dermatologist. The Sudbury Skin Clinique is a Medical facility with true, proven medical expertise. We combine a comfortable relaxing environment with medical expertise and state of the art technology.


Almost all procedures offered at Sudbury Skin Clinique require minimal or no recovery time. During your consultation a nurse technician will discuss your specific treatment regime and any associated down time that it may require. If your treatment is medical, Dr. Giroux will discuss the necessary or expected recovery.


Sudbury Skin Clinique offers non-invasive Dermatology and Laser Cosmetic procedures. Many non-surgical alternative options are available at our clinic, depending on individual needs.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac debit cards and Cash.

All of our procedures are applicable to men. Today, more than ever before, men are looking for ways to improve their appearance and self-image.