Acne Treatments

Sudbury Skin Clinique has been Sudbury’s premier treatment centre for acne since 2008.

If you are looking to control MILD, occasional, or monthly acne, then topical over the counter skin care, lasers, chemical peels, extractions and mineral makeup may be just what you are looking for from our cosmetic team.

However, if you have active acne (face or body), cysts, acne that scars, and/or if you have been struggling for a long time, please get a referral to see Dr. Lyne Giroux for medical intervention. She will usually see you within a few months. Dr. Lyne Giroux’s philosophy on acne is “treat to cure”, not “treat to clear”.

Cosmetic options can include:

★ Alumier skincare products
★ Chemical peels
★ Colorescience mineral makeup
★ Extractions
★ Laser treatments
★ Retin A

Some patients have closed and open comedones (black heads or little bumps), commonly associated with acne. Some comedones are white bumps (tiny cystic-like growths of oil) underneath the skin. Some of the white bumps can be easily seen, others are only felt or visible when the skin is stretched. This is caused by the skin overgrowing the follicle opening that would allow oils (sebum) to release normally. Other comedones are black in appearance, often called “blackheads”. Both types of comedones can benefit from a small procedure called Extractions. During the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to the targeted area and left for up to half an hour. Once numb, the technician will then use a small extractor with a loop shaped tip to gently press around the comedone and force the sebum/cyst to the surface of the skin where it is wiped off. If needed, the technician may also use a small needle to lightly touch the top of each comedone. This needle has a very low voltage electrical charge that melts the top of each lesion to allow removal of the trapped oils or cysts. Immediate improvement is noted by all patients, but healing time is individual - about 5 to 10 days on average.