Smooth PDO Threads

Smooth PDO threads can be deposited without tugging just to support skin. This is done by inserting a pre - threaded cannula (a type of needle) into the skin tissues and depositing a thread as you exit the skin. After the threads have been placed, the canula is gently twisted and removed, leaving a pleasing, fuller effect. The threads used are surgery grade, and will dissolve over a period of months, but they also stimulate the body to create collagen around them. While the threads are slowly reabsorbed, the aesthetic improvement produced by the newly created collagen can last up to 18 months, providing a long term correction and anti - aging effect.

The ideal thread candidate is usually in his or her late thirties to early fifties. The treatment is meant for ruffling skin on cheeks, supporting lines around mouth, smile lines, tear trough and temples

You need a thorough consultation (it’s free) and should plan on having social downtime for at least 2 weeks to allow relaxation of threads and heal any swelling and bruising.

Smooth threads are currently a hugely popular treatment used to increase collagen and smooth the skin (think rebar). The threads are made of the same surgical material used in surgeries - polydioxanone ( PDO ) - and will dissolve after a period of approximately 6 months, leaving strands of newly grown collagen behind.

PDO Threads can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body. After topical or local numbing, multiple tiny needles already loaded with thread, are gently introduced into areas that need support like smile lines, crow’s feet, scars, or even lips. Usually about 20 - 60mm long, they form a mesh of support right under the skin.