CLICK HERE GET IT TODAY The official medical term is “Acne Mechanica” - a condition caused by wearing a mask that can cause skin irritations and obstruction of the pores leading to acne. Masks may be Mandatory... but Mask-Acne is OPTIONAL The SOLUTION:
Wear a COPPER infused Mask
Mask-ne is the new Acne enVy™ COPPER infused face masks PREVENTS Mask-Acne by using a natural fibre, anti-inflammatory COPPER infused mask that KILLS acne causing bacteria, soothes your skin while you wear it, and literally promotes healthy skin texture and tone!
GET IT TODAY Our Canadian-Made enVy COPPER infused Face Masks uses genuine CuTEC™ Copper technology woven into the double protective layers of the soft feel TENCEL® Fabric of the mask.

Our masks are suitable for personal-use and are:
✓ Germ-Killing
✓ Washable.
✓ Re-usable.
✓ Super Soft .
✓ Promotes Healthy Skin...bonus!
✓ Suitable for Personal use.
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
GET IT TODAY Did you know?
AluminEye diminishes the appearances of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

It immediately brightens the eye area with a formula that is rich in peptides and vitamins.
Hey Bright Eyes!
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