Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation. It is a fun and currently trendy way to physically “plane” (scrape with a blade) the facial skin. This procedure will remove the layer of white fuzzy facial hair, polish the skin of the most superficial layers of dead skin cells and minimize clogged pores. Dermaplaning is a painless, safe and fun procedure. The procedure is done most often with a scalpel. It sounds scary, but in trained hands, is a great way to get that glow you want for your complexion.

After, you will find that your moisturizer will absorb better and your makeup will go on smoother. You may even see diminished fine lines - because your skin will be less dehydrated and dull. You will love to feel the soft silky texture of your skin. It will not remove your wrinkles from smiling or frowning, side sleeping or smoking. It would take many repeated appointments to get any other improvements other than revealing a new layer of skin. Ideally, we would do one a month past age 30 as our skin cell turnover becomes sluggish and can use the extra help.

➔ Mild redness can occur which resolves shortly after the treatment
➔ It is possible to feel some burning or irritation from the scraping, but this is not common
➔ It is possible you may see a small scratch, but also not common