Vein Removal

The little red or blue veins that are found in different areas of the face (most commonly the nose, cheeks, and chin) are permanently dilated capillaries or small veins.

There are many causes for this: long term sun damage, living in the north where extreme weather causes constant shrinking and expansion of vessels from going in and out of hot/cold environment, genetics, and trauma (picking acne, treatments that are not suited to sensitive skin) and chronic blowing of the nose can all contribute to broken blood vessels. This is more common in lighter, fairer skin types of Western European descent (Irish, Scottish).

There is also a medical condition called Rosacea that can cause flushing, low contrast pinkness, and broken vessels.

The Sudbury Skin Clinique nurse technicians have a combined 50+ years of experience treating the conditions of facial redness. Please call for a free, no pressure consultation and see what they can offer you!

Spider Veins are small veins with a diameter under 2mm without bulging, pain or discomfort. They can appear as individual blood vessels, small clusters, or appear almost like a bruise.

Varicose veins are larger veins with more than 2mm diameter, with bulging and/or pain and discomfort. We cannot treat these as they can only be treated by a specially trained physician.

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