Brown Spots & Pigmented Lesion Treatments

What exactly is hyperpigmentation? It’s any patch of skin that looks darker than your natural skin tone due to overproduction of the brown pigment melanin. If you’re bothered by flat dark spots, freckles, and brown patches on your skin, it is likely hyperpigmentation. There are now more options to help clear the canvas of your face and body of brown discoloration and spots.

The Sudbury Skin Clinique provides a free, thorough consultation, discussing all of your possible treatment options and outcomes for removing pigment. We will discuss the type of cosmetic pigment issue you have, how to best treat and how to best prevent future issues along with maintenance if necessary. Here is a list of possible treatments and preventions. Book your consultation today!

*Please note: some pigmentation can be diagnosed as a medical issue and may occasionally need a referral.

Please call for a free, no pressure consultation and see what we can do for you!

CO2 laser

Chemical Peels

★ Lightening Lotion 2% Hydroquinone (Colorescience)
★ Retinol 0.25%, 0.5%, 1.0% (Alasatin, Alumier)
★ Even Tone (Alumier)
★ Even Up (Colorescience)
★ Vitamin C Serum (Alumier)
★ SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! (Alastin, Alumier, Colorescience)