Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a technique that uses an acid solution to improve the appearance of the uppermost layers of the skin. This technique loosens the bonds between healthy and dead skin cells, allowing new skin to regenerate and revealing a youthful glow. It can improve dry, dull skin, fine lines, and uneven skin pigmentation and acne. Chemical peels can even be done on the most sensitive of skin types, such as rosacea.

A thorough evaluation by Dr. Giroux’s nurse/technician is necessary before choosing a chemical peel program; the precise type or level of chemical peel will be defined according to individual skin type needs. The results are softer, brighter skin. A series of peels or a combination with other treatment modalities may be desired for optimal results - including medical grade customized skin care products and laser or light based treatments.

Uses only pure acids; antioxidants, anti - aging and brightening booster ingredients are applied post peel in our Brightening Accelerator.

A mild chemical peel that uses 30% Lactic Acid. Safe for all skin types, even rosacea. Great for beginners, or routine maintenance for people who can’t spare the time to recover from deeper peels.

A great anti - aging chemical peel and also an option for clients who want something a little stronger than Renew 30. AHA contains 20% Lactic Acid and 10% Glycolic Acid. Little to no downtime, clients can expect slight flaking and dryness.

Both help fight signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, refine skin’s texture, and unclog pores. Both can require minimal downtime, and clients can expect peeling, flaking and dryness. Jessners Peels work by removing the top layers of skin to reveal smoother skin. - Glow Peel is a partial Jessner’s peel*, which uses 7% Glycolic, 7% Salicylic and 7% Rescoursinol. - Power Glow is a full Jessner’s peel*, using 14% Glycolic, 14% Salicylic, and 14% Rescoursinol