The Many Faces of Skin Care

The Many Faces of Skin Care

Our faces are the first thing we notice about others and ourselves. It is our first impression, connected to our self-confidence, a measure of our mood and character. It is exposed to the world at all moments and is how we read others.

As we age, we can become increasingly concerned about our faces changing in a way that does not match the way we feel inside. Fresh, rested, youthful, energetic, happy, and approachable are all desired facial traits. Everyone wants to feel attractive. That is the fuel that drives the global cosmetic industry.

When you trust someone with your face, it can be a scary thing. Getting honest, knowledgeable facial aging advice is absolutely imperative. It is important to have a plan and consider YOUR priorities among the many options available.

As we age, our faces lose bone mass, subcutaneous fat, muscle structure, dermal thickness...and then we have texture (wrinkles and crinkles), lumps and bumps, redness and pigmentation (like brown spots and freckling) pollution and sun damage. Whew! Oh, and did we mention the evils of side sleeping? We can’t even get a good night’s sleep without considering the potential damage to our facial tissue.

When considering facial treatments, consider your desired results. Skin care can be “mildly refreshing” like peels, and home skin care, “rejuvenating” with lasers for pigment and redness removal and microneedling, or “transforming” like Botox, filler, skin resurfacing, and fat reduction. Convenience, like walk-in Botox treatments, and late evenings can be vital to your busy life.

Whatever your skin concerns may be, the Sudbury Skin Clinique nurses and technicians carefully examine your skin, discuss all options with you, and explain the best “high impact” anti-aging treatments just for you. It is your decision how you want to age. Great advice, no pressure, and years of expertise assure you are in great hands.

 Featured in 50+ Lifestyle Magazine  by Lori Ingriselli

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